We have a private beach and a 110-year-old restored Victorian cottage -- summer residence of author Charles Foster Kent. Wi-Fi Canoe, Motor Boat, Phone with unlimited long-distance, ideal for one family and has accommodated two families (max 8 in the cottage). Tenting on the beach or on the shoreline at the cottage is popular. Lake Willoughby is Vermont's finest lake with pristine, crystal clear water. Our unique combination of a secluded cottage with the finest beach in the State makes ours a rare rental with exceptional privacy. The white sandy beach is 750 feet long. Canoe silently across with spectacular mountain views (12 min around by car or across by motor boat). The cottage faces the sunset; the beach greets the sunrise. After shadows fall across the beach, returning to the cottage is like getting a whole new day. The bolder-lined shoreline at the cottage has a boat dock, two sitting platforms for supervision of children (also from the cottage) – a great treat for all after the beach. After an evening Bar-B-Q, breakfast trout are best caught at sunset. The cottage is completely outfitted: library, porch, picnic table, and complete kitchen with basics, stereo CD player, fishing equipment, gas Bar-B-Q grill and a shore-side sitting niche to enjoy the sunsets, nature's finest views and the call of the loons. Our beach has a picnic table, beach umbrellas and chairs, a fire pit, and a cool sandy brook for cooling drinks and food.  Children love to dam up the brook and watch their boats sail into the lake when the dam breaks.

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​Willoughby Lake from Crescent  Beach

Westmore Vermont

​Viewing Sunset

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​​Kent Cottage

​Kent Cottage and Beach at Willoughby Lake

Sunset from Cottage